The Browning: Geist


The Browning

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  • Release Date 26 October 2018
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Innovators don’t simply accept the status quo, they don’t follow trends, and they don’t blindly bow to expectations. Instead, they challenge themselves and their audiences to pierce the surface, rip back the layers, and unearth truth in its purest form. The process isn’t pretty, but the end result is.
Since assuming consciousness in 2011 on their full-length debut Burn This World, The Browning have diligently and decidedly expanded the boundaries of heavy music through a seamless automation of industrial, electronic, rock, and metal styles, and video game score-style expanse. The group’s forth full-length album, Geist, fully represents the actualization of the sound Jonny McBee envisioned nearly a decade before. The Browning don’t just pave their own path with Geist; they bulldoze it for others to follow…

1 Amnesia  
2 Awaken the Omega  
3 Beyond Stone Done  
4 Carnage  
5 Everlost  
6 Final Breath  
7 Geist  
8 Hellblade  
9 Noctis Done  
10 Optophobia  
11 Sick Minds  
12 Skybreaker